In 2000, I sold the business that I had built during the previous 15 years in order to devote myself fully to painting.

I greatly admire the masters of realism who painted during the past centuries, and I have an equal love for the great innovators of the Modern and Post-Modern periods. My personal taste is for contemporary imagery, so my work is an evolving experimentation with composition, materials and technique that combines boldly graphic imagery with elements of realism.
In the gallery called Recent Work are examples of paintings that I have created during the past year. In the gallery called Earlier Styles are representative samples of the styles and techniques that I have explored during the past several years. I remain stylistically experimental in pursuit of compositions and techniques that are both emotive and intellectually stimulating. I currently am devoting much attention to the development of textured painting surfaces. In the "Recent Work" gallery each piece is accompanied by a close-up view of a portion of the painting to provide a closer look at the results of the textured painting surface. Click on the painting and it will open to the close-up.
San Miguel de Allende, Gto, México
© Steven Cary
Agora Gallery    new york city    530 w. 25th st.
Galería Izamal    san miguel de allende    mesones 80